allows, allowing, allowed
1) VERB If someone is allowed to do something, it is all right for them to do it and they will not get into trouble.

[be V-ed to-inf] The children are not allowed to watch violent TV programmes...

[V n to-inf] The Government will allow them to advertise on radio and television...

[be V-ed adv/prep] They will be allowed home...

[be V-ed] Smoking will not be allowed. [Also V n/-ing]

permit, let
2) VERB If you are allowed something, you are given permission to have it or are given it.

[be V-ed] Gifts like chocolates or flowers are allowed...

[be V-ed n] He should be allowed the occasional treat.

3) VERB If you allow something to happen, you do not prevent it.

[V n to-inf] He won't allow himself to fail...

[V n to-inf] If the soil is allowed to dry out the tree could die.

4) VERB If one thing allows another thing to happen, the first thing creates the opportunity for the second thing to happen.

[V n to-inf] The compromise will allow him to continue his free market reforms.

[V n n] attempt to allow the Moslem majority a greater share of power...

[V n] She said this would allow more effective planning.

permit, let
5) VERB If you allow a particular length of time or a particular amount of something for a particular purpose, you include it in your planning.

[V n for n] Please allow 28 days for delivery...

[V n] Allow about 75ml (3fl oz) per six servings.

6) VERB If you allow that something is true, you admit or agree that it is true. [FORMAL]

[V that] Warren also allows that capitalist development may, in its early stages, result in increased social inequality.

7) PHRASE (politeness) Some people say `Allow me' as a polite way of offering to do something for someone. [FORMAL]

Allow me to buy you a drink at the bar.

permit me
8) PHRASE Some people use Allow me to... as a way of introducing something that they want to say or do. [FORMAL]

Allow me to introduce Dr Amberg.

Phrasal Verbs:
permit me to

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